Guidelines For Enrolling in our Plus Plan

If you have reviewed our plans and qualification guidelines and are sure CareOregon Advantage Plus is the right plan for you, then you are ready to enroll. Here is a short list of steps you can take to make this a simple process:

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  1. Visit the Are My Drugs Covered? page to make sure that we cover your medicine.
  2. Search our Provider Directory to find a doctor in your area, or find out if your current doctor accepts CareOregon Advantage insurance.
    • When you find the right provider, take a moment to write down the clinic name and phone number, as you will need this information during the enrollment process.
  3. Gather the following materials. You will need these during registration.
    • Your Oregon Health Plan Card.
    • Your Medicare claim number (found on your red, white and blue Medicare card).
    • Name(s) and policy information of other insurance you may have (e.g., policy number, member ID, group number, etc.).
    • Long term care facility information, if you are a current resident.
    • Primary Care Provider (PCP) name and clinic name.
    • If you are assisting someone to apply, and you are their legal guardian or have Power of Attorney, please be prepared to submit proof of this after the enrollment process is complete
  4. Please allow plenty of time to complete the enrollment process before the cutoff date for your preferred start date. Our Online Enrollment Form measures the date of your submission only when the process is complete. For most applicants this means completing the online enrollment before 12:00 AM on the last day of the month.
   Page last updated: October 1, 2019