Our phone network is currently experiencing technical issues resulting in dropped calls. We apologize for any inconvenience. For alternate contact options you can contact us either via our member portal's secure messaging feature or call OputmRx, pharmacy’s member and provider’s support.

Medicaid members and providers # 1-866-843-5126

Medicare members and providers #: 1-866-325-7344

We will remove this message when the issue is resolved.

Find a pharmacy

Looking for a participating pharmacy in the CareOregon Advantage network? Here are two ways to find one.

  1. Use our online provider search to find participating pharmacies in real time.
  2. Click on a thumbnail image below and search the PDF document for a pharmacy near you.
If you need assistance, you can also call Customer Service at 503-416-4279, toll-free at 888-712-3258 or TTY 711. You can also send us a secure message through the member portal.

CareOregon Advantage Pharmacy Directory

  CareOregon 2022 Pharmacy Directory

 2022 CareOregon Advantage Pharmacy Directory 

Mail order pharmacies

You can receive up to a 90-day supply of a drug through one of our mail order pharmacies listed below. Click on the name of the pharmacy to open the form you'll need to fill out and send in.

OptumRx Mail Order Pharmacy
OptumRx Home Delivery
2858 Loker Ave E, Ste 100
Carlsbad, CA  92010


OptumRx Mail Order Pharmacy
OptumRx Home Delivery
6800 W 115th, Ste 600
Overland Park, KS 66211

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