Over the Counter (OTC) Benefit Card

CareOregon Advantage has a benefit that you can use to purchase covered non-prescription pharmacy items, such as allergy medicine, cough drops or sleep aids. 

How does it work? Once you become a member, we will send your pre-loaded card in the mail. It will have $120 on it. At the beginning of each calendar quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1), another $120 is automatically added to the same debit card. That's $480 per year that you won't have to pay out of your own pocket!

OTC card - front and back

To check your balance or transaction history:

Call: 888-682-2400, TTY/TDD 711, or
Go to myotccard.com.

If you have questions about this benefit, including what items this card covers, visit the Frequently Asked OTC Card Questions page.


To find a searchable list of eligible items, go to the My OTC Card website. It will allow you to search by product category, manufacturer, and product name.

For member service questions, you can also call CareOregon Advantage Customer Service: 888-712-3258, TTY/TDD 711.

CareOregon Advantage Plus is an HMO-POS SNP with a Medicare/Medicaid contract.  Enrollment in CareOregon Advantage Plus depends on contract renewal. 

The Part B Premium is paid for members with full Medicaid benefits.

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